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What is KedooTV?

Reach millions & make money doing it

Your Animation & Toon Home.

KedooTV is a brand new channel on YouTube, hosting and promoting
amazing short animations & toons from studios worldwide.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading
short animation channel in terms of
visibility on YouTube.

Get the great exposure your
animated short deserves.

Our network of global and local YouTube channels generate more than
1.7 billion views and reach 145 million unique visitors every month.

We can expose your shorts not only to a large audience but also
to local TV networks across the globe.

Make money on each
& every view.

Self-publishing on YouTube is super easy, but competition is fierce
and discoverability next to impossible.

We promote your animated shorts and offer a higher payout
compared to standard publishing models on YouTube.

We broadcast,
but you own all rights.

We only need non-exclusive rights to broadcast
your animated shorts on KedooTV.

You will always be the owner and the creator of your content
and all rights belong to you.

Learn about your audience.

Our monthly reporting not only shows your revenue and total views,
you also get detailed information about who is watching…
…when & where.

All of that to help you make strategic decisions on future
business developments.

We are ready to
invest in you!

Apart from investing in promotions on YouTube and in various
social media, we offer advanced licensing packages to cover
production and localisation costs of episodes or seasons.


  • How do I make money with my animated shorts on KedooTV?
    KedooTV on YouTube allows you to monetize your animated shorts through video ads promoted by Google*. These ads are shown during the video such as pre-roll (appears prior to the video), In-Video (a transparent overlay that appears on the lower portion of the video) and post-roll (appears at the end of the video).
    • All advertising and its components are the responsibility of Google. KedooTV can’t influence the content and the frequency of the advertisements.
  • What are the benefits of broadcasting my animations on KedooTV?
    The team behind KedooTV has a long and great working experience and relationship with YouTube and Google. We believe that KedooTV will act as a great theatre for amazing animated shorts and toons on YouTube and help artists and studios to grow awareness of their work to a global audience, making money while doing it, and hopefully evolve locally or globally by signing TV broadcasting or merchandising deals to become the next phenomenon within animation. Other benefits are:
    • We are listed by Google as a recommended channel in the Animations category, which attracts great viewers to our channel.
    • We work exclusively with QuizGroup (a top-10 network on YouTube generating more than 1.7bn views each month) to attract new viewers to KedooTV and to our great content.
    • We offer higher eCPM (revenue per 1,000 views) compared to traditional standard channels on YouTube.
    • We work non-exclusively, giving you full control of your creations. Broadcasting on KedooTV doesn’t prevent you from display your work elsewhere too.
    • Monthly payments within 15-30 days after the end of each billing month, through PayPal, WebMoney or Bank transfer.
  • I just joined KedooTV through your website. What now?
    A dedicated account manager will reach back to you over email. We will review your content and send you a basic agreement to read and sign. After we receive your signed agreement and your content, you will be live on KedooTV.
  • When can I expect the first payment and how do I get paid?
    All payments are made each month during the period from the 15th-30th of the month following the billing month. KedooTV utilises a USD $30 payment threshold, meaning that all payments are on hold until your earnings add up to $30 or more.
  • Can you predict how much income I can expect and what is your eCPM?
    Income depends on the cost of CPM (cost per 1,000 views) and it is influenced by many factors: The cost of CPM for advertisers is not fixed and is exposed by Google; the type of advertising (long videos have more advertising and is more expensive); geography and percentage of monetized views. Therefore, it is near to impossible to predict any income of any shorts. Our average eCPM varies from USD $3 to USD $9, of which 45% is a standard Google commission.
  • I got a lot of views, why did I not earn more?
    There are many variables that impact your earnings per view. KedooTV does not operate on a fixed eCPM rate, meaning that your earnings will fluctuate along with the YouTube advertising marketplace. Your earnings are dependent upon an assortment of factors, surrounding both your content and your audience consuming that content, that matter to advertisers.
  • My question is not answered in the FAQ, what should I do?
    Please contact us for more information

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